These rescue boats, much like military ones, are made from polyurethane (PU) that offers maximum resistance to wear and tear and inclemency, via Thermosealing® technology that creates seals that are stronger than the material itself, do not alter over time and are resistant to the harshness of long exposure in the marine environment.

Designed as M.O.B. (man over board) rescue boats in order to quickly rescue any crew members who fall into the sea, as well as for grouping and communicating with life rafts in case of an accident. They supplement their service as functional work boats in general operations of a mother ship’s work boat, as well as activities such as transferring crew and equipment, carrying out inspections and other auxiliary tasks.

The SOLAS Rescue Boats and SOLAS Fast Rescue Boats have MED modules B and D certification issued by Lloyd´s Register in accordance with the Marine Equipment Directive MED 96/98/EC and the International Convention for Safety of Life at Sea SOLAS 74 and IMO LSA code resolution MSC 48(66) chapter V MSC/Circ980.

Certified boats to be installed as rescue boats or fast rescue boats on all ships carrying a Community flag and in any country that accepts the IMO-SOLAS international regulations. Every boat is supplied with its corresponding declaration of compliance, identification plate and operation and maintenance manual.