New Semi-rigids

New RIBs are sophisticated units, with powerful engines and a diversity of safety, navigation and communication equipment with complex installation. They are required for use in extremely demanding conditions, which in many cases are extreme. Built to resist, to last and to keep their value over time, these boats are economically relevant investments that should strictly fulfil their mission and be operational 100% of the time, requiring little maintenance.

A solution for every job and the specific needs of the service. To be used in all weathers, from the high temperatures of the tropics to the freezing poles. A wide range of platforms to design bespoke products.

Vanguard Marine and our customers

Dealing directly with the boatbuilder and its professionals – we are not a reseller. We listen and evolve to meet the needs of our customers, providing advice on the type of boat, engine and materials for each use, capitalizing their investment. As a boatyard specialized in bespoke “turnkey” boats, we are constantly working with all kinds of technical specifications, regulations and legislation for different markets that require a direct and close relationship with the end user, from prior advice to after-sales support, paying particular attention to monitoring the user’s experiences and suggestions to keep up our continual improvement process.

Tube Fabric

Vanguard Marine is one of only a few boatbuilders to manufacture using the three types of fabric available on the market – PVC, Neoprene-CSM and Polyurethane PU – providing an objective consultation service so that the customer can choose the most appropriate material for their activities.