With regard to the original RIB concept

Safer, more functional, more cost-effective

At present, the basic principles of a RIB or Semi-rigid are becoming diluted with the diversity of variations that exist, from super comfortable rigid hull leisure boats in which the inflatable tube is a simple inflatable defense, to boats with rigid foam defenses that are extremely solid, but in both cases the advantages of the pneumatic float are lost gradually.

It is worth remembering that the success of the RIB or Semi-rigid concept, which has revolutionized the sector these last 30 years, is based on combining the best features of rigid hulls such as
maneuverability, solidity, convenience with the best features of pneumatics such as safety, lightness, load capacity and the comfort of inflatable gunwales.

RIBs or Semi-rigid boats are the 4x4s of the sea: safe, stable, maneuverable and able to be used for a wide range of functions thanks to their tube, a genuine variable geometry hull that acts as a huge pneumatic shock-absorber, absorbing impacts and allowing the vessel to reach great speeds with a degree of comfort that other boats cannot offer, easy to transport, to overwinter without the need for a permanent berth and ready for use in a matter of minutes.

In-house production

We use CAD design techniques and modern manufacturing technologies, adhering to the key concepts of quality and attention to detail. The PVC and PU Polyurethane materials are produced with mechanised and robotic heat-sealing systems using Thermosealing® technology, which is extremely reliable and effective. The manufacture of CSM tubes is carried out through the traditional craft process of glueing.


Vanguard boats are produced in our own facilities with independent plants specialised in the manufacture of tubes and hulls in fibreglass, meeting the rigorous quality standard ISO 9001:2015, and environmental standard ISO 14001:2015.

Qualified technicians with a great deal of experience, facilities and industrial machinery, using the most reliable materials and suppliers on the market to build boats that maintain their value over time.

Tube Fabric

VANGUARD MARINE is one of only a few boatbuilders to manufacture with three types of fabric – PVC, Neoprene-CSM and Polyurethane PU – providing an objective consultation service so that the customer can choose the most appropriate material for their activities.

Certified Quality

Production is managed in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Control System certified by the LRQA (Lloyd´s Register Quality Assurance), which from the beginning monitors the correct management of the design, the supply of materials and the different stages of the production process for all of the boats that we manufacture, as well as their behaviour on the market and customer satisfaction. Each stage of manufacturing is carefully checked and recorded, meaning that we have a full digital traceability system for every boat. In addition, we adhere to the requirements of the ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management standard.

EC Certification

All Vanguard boats have EC 2013/53/UE certification