Vanguard Marine

The international group Vanguard Marine designs and manufactures boats for Defence Agencies, Rescue Organizations, the Naval Industry, IMO/SOLAS Rescue Boats for the survival of human life on the seas and leisure boats for a wide range of users.

The design and manufacture are focused on product safety, strength, and functionality. Our technical team brings together over 35 years’ experience in successful business projects and we have manufactured and delivered thousands of boats to more than 50 countries.

From rubber duck to Advanced Rescue Boat

Initially underrated in some countries, referred to as “rubber ducks” and not considered to be proper boats, the development of rigid inflatable boats or RIBs over the last 30 years has been an unprecedented success in the naval and nautical industry, underpinned by their unrivalled versatility for a multitude of uses, in particular for search and rescue operations. Today they are considered to be the Rescue Boat par excellence for all kinds of activities both on the sea and on inland waters. VANGUARD MARINE’s technical team is proud to have made a noteworthy contribution to these 35 years of development, bringing new materials, new industrial processes and countless technical innovations.

A solution for every job

Custom design, Vanguard Marine has a long tradition in designing and developing boats in accordance with the most demanding specifications; Armed Forces, Government Products, International Rescue Organizations, SOLAS/IMO naval safety regulations for the survival of human life at sea. We apply the ISO 6185 standard as well as various international standards for serial boats. We design and manufacture high quality boats with excellent seaworthy qualities based on feedback from our customers, always evolving to meet new needs.

Advantages of Vanguard

When you purchase a boat from VANGUARD MARINE you are buying a product that has been designed and manufactured in Europe by highly motivated professionals, with an excellent after-sales service and quality customer service. Our extensive experience, having manufactured and delivered over 60,000 units around the world, provides us with product knowledge, manufacturing experience, and premium customer communications and service that makes us stand out as an excellent option to supply your RIB.

Technical Knowledge

New RIBs have very little in common with the old small, mass-produced boats that were sold through salesmen with little specialist knowledge. Highly motorised and with safety or leisure navigation equipment, with complex assemblies to be used in very demanding, and in some cases extreme conditions, these boats are economically important investments that should be operative for the majority of their lives, minimizing maintenance and repair times.

Product Knowledge

Years of experience in developing boats with the strictest specifications, which are used by our customers in all kinds of conditions. Built to resist, to last, with performance that is fit for purpose, they will hold their value over time.

Direct communication with the boatbuilder

When you deal with VANGUARD MARINE you are dealing directly with the boatbuilder and its professionals, we are not a reseller. We listen to our customers’ needs, advising on aspects such as the type of boat, type of engine and necessary materials, right through to the after-sales service. Providing advice for every use, thereby capitalizing on your investment. As a boatbuilder specialized in “turnkey” boats, we pay particular attention to monitoring users’ experiences and suggestions in order to maintain a process of continual improvement.

Specialised service

The VANGUARD MARINE group includes the Retubing® division, which is a pioneer in providing specialist service to users of RIBs, direct from the boatyard or through the network of Official Retubing Centres located in various places. These official services in direct contact with the boatbuilder use original materials and techniques, keeping up-to-date with our regular training plans.


We have a door to door transport service with a competitive price arrangement.