Dealing directly with the boatbuilder and its professionals, we look after and provide possible solutions and improvements to each customer’s requirements and the needs of every kind of RIB depending on its mission. We cover specific service needs, for use at any latitude – from the high temperatures of the tropics to the freezing poles. A wide range of platforms for designing bespoke products together with excellent after-sales service and customer support provided by our specialist service network Retubing®

“Turnkey” boats, as a specialist boatbuilder we are always working with technical specifications and all kinds of regulations and legislation for different markets that require a direct and close relationship with the user. From advice in the early stages to after-sales support, we pay particular attention to following-up on our users’ experiences and suggestions, including these in the continuous improvement process.

New RIBs are sophisticated units that have powerful engines and a diverse range of navigation, communication and safety equipment, with complex assemblies to be used in very demanding and in some cases extreme conditions. Built to resist, to last and to remain operational, these boats are economically relevant investments that should strictly fulfil their mission, being operational for long periods of time, requiring little maintenance.

 A solution for every job, with certain design highlights such as accurate bow depth, freeboard, square bow and self-bailing decks come with a generous length/beam ratio that increases the usable surface area and load capacity. With different kinds of engine – single or multiple outboard, inboard, petrol or diesel with propulsion systems via propeller or jet-drive. With wide self-bailing decks, integral tanks of different capacities in accordance with the autonomy required and a wide variety of reinforcements and personalised finishes in tube, hull, deck and equipment.