TX-540 - Tourmax series

Strong and manoeuvrable boat with a deep V hull ideal for professional use as tender and transfer for larger vessels, as well as surveillance, patrol, rescue, civil protection and other operations that demand security, speed and effectiveness. Highly regarded among sailing coaches. Towable and low maintenance costs. Professional hull with reinforced internal structure, optional unsinkable model available upon request. Moulded non-slip deck with a large bow stowage locker and a 100 litre fuel tank below deck to increase range and stability. Cable conduits below deck for remote control configurations free up deck space. A jockey or console with seat can be fitted. Counterbracket to the stern with bilge access and 2400 l/hour pump.

Vanguard TX-540 Vanguard TX-540 Vanguard TX-540 TX-540_Cruz_Roja TX-540RescuePCivil1 Vanguard TX-540 Vanguard TX-540

Type of material
PVC Hypertext®
Neoprene Hypalon Orca 866®
PU Polyurethane Elastar®

Specifications TX-540
Category C
Length overall 5,40 m
Length inner 4,22 m
Beam overall 2,15 m
Beam inner 1,13 m
Tube diameter 0,49 m
Nº compartments 5
Max. load 1171 kg
Max. people 9
Max. power 74,5 kW (100 HP)
Max. motor weight 228 kg
Shaft type L
Fuel tank capacity 100 l
Craft weight 304 kg
Packing measurements 5,2×1,9×1,1 m
Bilge pump 2400 l/h 1

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“Deep-V” Unsinkable hull

The Deep-V hull, especially designed for rough sea conditions,
provides excellent manoeuvrability, wave cutting, and stability.
PU foam filling between hull and deck provides additional
security making the hull unsinkable.

Hull sectional view with integrated fuel tank

All RIBs can be fitted out and customized according to client’s specifications.

TX-540 Club

TX-540 Club

TX-540 Diving

TX-540 Diving

TX-540 Rescue

TX-540 Rescue

Guirnalda salvavidas exterior

Linha de vida exterior

Outer lifeline

Guirnalda salvavidas interior

Linha de vida interior

Inner lifeline

Trompa de elefante

Cubierta auto-vaciante

Trompa de elefante

Casco auto-vaçante

Elephant trunk

Self draining deck

Cáncamo de fondeo

Cáncamo de fundeio

Mooring eye

Jockey S-400

Mordaza de proa

Mordaça de proa

Bow cleat

Pasacabos soldado HF

Pasacabos soldado HF

HF welded cone

Toma de combustible

Toma de combustível

Fuel intake

Asa de agarre ergonómica

Pega de amarre ergonómica

Ergonomic lifting handle

Refuerzo tubular antiderrapante

Reforço antiderrapante do flutuador

Reinforced rubbing strake

Anilla de relinga inox con cierre soldado

Anilha de relinga em inox com fecho soldado

Stainless steel D ring with welded seal

Anneau de ralingue en inox avec fermeture soudée

Anilla de remate de relinga inox con cierre soldado

Anilha remate da relinga inox com fecho soldado

Stainless steel D ring with welded seal

Anneau de ralingue en inox avec fermeture soudée

Válvula de inflado/desinflado

Válvula de enchimento/esvaziamento

Inflation/deflation valve

Soupape de gonflement/dégonflage

Válvula de sobrepresión

Válvula de sobrepressão

Relief valve

Soupape de surpression

Bancos desmontables

Bancos desmontáveis

Removable benches

Bancs amovibles

Banda de protección reforzada

Verdugo de protecção reforçado

Reinforced rubbing strake

Bande de protection renforcée

Bolsa de equipo SOLAS

Bolsa de equipamento SOLAS

SOLAS equipment kit

Sac d’équipement SOLAS

Cabo de adrizado

Cabo de adrizado

Righting line

Cordage à redressement



Boat hook


Cono HF soldado

Cone HF soldado

HF welded cone

Tube soudé “HF”

Depósito de combustible con antiderrame

Depósito de combustível com antiderrame

Anti-spill fuel tank

Réservoir de combustible anti-écoulement

Guirnalda salvavidas

Linha salva vidas

Outer lifeline

Filière en guirlande

Motor certificado SOLAS

Motor certificado SOLAS

SOLAS certified engine

Moteur certifié SOLAS

Protector de hélice

Protector de hélice

Propeller guard

Protecteur d’hélice

Gancho de izado central

Gincho de izado central

Central lifting hook

Central lifting hook

Sistema de autoadrizado con disparo automático

Sistema de auto-adrizado com accionamento automático

Automatic self righting system

Automatic self righting system

Jockey modular de 2 plazas

Jockey modular de 2 lugares

Jockey console (two people)

Jockey console (two people)

Arco de luces

Arco de luzes

Navigation frame

Navigation frame