With models from 3 to 12 m long and fully customisable equipment to meet customer specifications and service requirements of different boats. The overarching design criteria incorporates our experience and analysis of the different uses at sea that must be withstood by vessels to ensure they are safe, solid and strong. Vanguard’s designs are divided into two different ranges based on the type of hull: medium “V” hulls for general use and a wide range of applications and deep “V” hulls for professional, armed forces and offshore use. Each model seeks to optimise the length to beam ratio in order to provide the greatest useable surface on the deck, paying special attention to specific aspects that affect sailing: :

Deck layout: modular elements, ergonomic design, distribution of weight and centre of gravity.:

Protection: for steering, cables and fuel systems.

Equipment: electronics, safety and operations equipment.

Anchoring: structural attachments, reinforcements for different uses.

Range: the position and capacity of tanks.

Engine: inboard or outboard, single or double.