DR-400 - Draken series

Compact boat with high bow sheer that favours dry and safe sailing in all sea conditions. Perfect for supporting sports sailing activities and marina transfers. Easy transport facilitates clubs movements. Closed-cell polyurethane foam filling provides extra buoyancy, making the boat practically unsinkable. Large, strong and non-slip bow stowage locker facilitates access to other boats via the bow. Can be fitted with an optional jockey. Internal cable conduits free up the deck and the counterbracket provides access to the bilge, allowing the installation of a pump.

DR-450 DR-450 DR-450 Vanguard DR-450 Vanguard DR-450 Vanguard DR-450 Vanguard DR-450 Vanguard DR-450

Vanguard DR-450
Type of material
PVC Hypertext®
Neopreno Hypalon Orca 866®
PU Polyuretano Elastar®

Specifications DR-450
Category C
Length overall 4,45 m
Length inner 3,40 m
Beam overall 1,97 m
Beam inner 0,98 m
Tube diameter 0,48 m
Nº compartments 4
Max. load 1132 Kg
Max. people 8
Max. power 44,8 kW (60 HP)
Max. motor weight 182,2 Kg
Shaft type L

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All RIBs can be fitted out and customized according to client’s specifications.

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